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New menu has been added.


We have added a new menu item today, August 9.
Please try it.


Vegan mozzarella with oatmeal bruschetta (3pieces)

Vegan Gaprao rice with mango puree

Sweet potato chocolate mousse

Baba ganoush with organic brown bread

Fried tofu with natto (2pieces)

Vigan grilled eel with brown rice

Tzatziki dipping sauce with tortilla chips

We have renewed and reopened.


Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

We are pleased to announce that “skinpray” has changed its name to “Belly Button” and reopened as a new Vegan Café and Bar.

We will continue to offer a wide variety of food, including vegan dishes, as well as familiar items such as burgers and pizza that non-vegans can enjoy.

We look forward to serving you.