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Belly Button

Belly Button is a newly opened vegan cafe and bar on the approach to Narita. We are dedicated to the delicious taste and diversity of vegan cuisine, offering a dining experience that satisfies all five senses.

Belly Button’s origin comes from the way babies absorb nutrients from the umbilical cord. It is also influenced by the fact that my favorite artist also became famous for his navel.

One more letter in the store, FAMILY Father And Mother I Love You message. This one is FAMILY to thank my father, mother, lover and friends, and all the people I have met in my life.

Our Philosophy

A place that embraces food diversity

Belly Button offers a wide variety of dishes, from the typical vegan dishes to familiar items that non-vegans can enjoy, such as burgers and pizza.

Our menu is designed to provide vegans with familiar options while also offering new taste discoveries for non-vegans interested in vegan cuisine, so that they can enjoy foods that they normally avoid for calorie and health reasons.

We invite you to visit Belly Button.

Vegan Ja Ja Men
B.B Dandan noodles
B.B original burger
Pitaya Bowl

How we stand apart?

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In command of a talented chef

The art of taste by talented chefs

Our goal is to expand the possibilities of vegan cuisine and to explore the diversity and deliciousness of vegan cuisine. With carefully selected ingredients and a unique approach, we hope to surprise and delight you through vegan cuisine.

We strive for a balance of taste and nutrition while keeping your health and well-being in mind. Cooking at Belly Button is not just about eating, it is an experience that stimulates and inspires the senses.

We are proud to bring you a special moment through our passionate cuisine.